Remembered For E.

Old IM Conversation About Failure, and How I Have Yet To Hit Bottom

An old IM conversation of me telling Kelly Murphy about an encounter on a bus. (I post this for myself to remember what “bottom” is.)

Design Iteration 1: Fail

I tried to layout the site, but failed today. Maybe will bring a little more success (though I realized I do like the colors looking like dried blood on a white bed sheet today).

Giving up on the AJAX

I give up. It was a dumb idea. Done.

Rebuilding the Site: Day 2 -- Evening

Modifying the Drupal Book module wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but not as good as I’d hoped. I wanted a simple output of thumbnails from “pages” within the portfolio book, but since Book uses the menu system to maintain links rather than node relationships, I had to tinker around a little more than I’d hoped to. Fortunately, the table of contents for the book is placed inside a template_preprocess function, so it wasn’t that hard to override the book navigation function.

Rebuilding the Site: Day 2 -- Morning

After a little bit of thinking I’ve decided to go ahead and base my portfolio section on Drupal’s Book module. It has a few things going for it that I don’t feel like redoing:

  • Drag-and-drop re-ordering of items
  • Hierarchal structure
  • Built-in menu block

Rebuilding the personal site: Day 1

The urge to be productive again made me look at the website I built four years ago and realize it’s a bit of a mess. It was a crude attempt at bridging a Movable Type install (which was written in PERL) and whatever I knew about PHP at the time to make something of a dynamic site. After being a paid web-monkey for about three years now I decided to finally take the plunge and re-do the site using the buzzword compliant Drupal (especially since I’ve been working with it for so long).

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