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Turning Drupal's "Popular" Block Into Tabs With jQuery

I've been working on a couple of sites the last week, and and both of them ended up using the "Popular Content" block from Drupal's Statistics module (not used on this site). One thing that I really don't like about that block is that is uses so much vertical space, so to make it all webified I decided to turn it into tabs. I know there's a couple of modules like Quicktabs that allow for easily configurable tabbed blocks, but this was going to be one of the few tabbed blocks (in one case the only one) on the site, and it seemed like overkill to install a new module to "tab" a single block. I decided to just use the jQuery Tools tabs plugin to fix the block.

JSON Blog Archive Links Using jQuery and Drupal

One little project that I wanted to get done on this site was to have the monthly archive links (over there on the left) load a list of post titles via AJAX and list them underneath the month when clicked. For some reason, I thought this was how Blogger was set up, but I can’t seem to find any pages that work that way. This was a fairly straight forward project that took about 2 hours (or something like that—work, eating, and all that stuff makes me unable to time things correctly).

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