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Torso Study (May 31)

Back Study (May 25)

Back Study (May 24)

Nude Study (May 16)

Nude Study (May 15)

Working on getting my sea legs back with more sustained drawings.

Frank Frazzetta

Flipping through Time tonight I found out Frank Frazetta had died earlier this week. It might now be evident in what I generally do, and it might generally only be acceptable in the hoity-doity circles to only admit to liking Frazetta as a guilty pleasure, but I have to say that he was probably more important in shaping what I do than Ingres, Schiele, Diebenkorn, and just about any other hallowed artist with a capital “A” could ever be.

Going VPS

Not that anyone will notice, but this site has been migrated away from Media Temple’s grid server to a small VPS. If you’ve ever tried to run a Drupal site on “the grid”, I’m pretty sure you know why I’ve moved. Media Temple’s mysql performance, unless you purchase a “mysql container”, is dismal at best. This site, which was running pretty bare-bones as far Drupal module usage goes, was taking up to four seconds for each page to load when logged in since the database queries took a horrendously long time. I’d been on Media Temple since way back (when they still offered old-school shared hosting), and I think I was much more pleased with the service/performance/price level then, and have been just suffering through things silently as they’ve segued into “the grid”.

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