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Pondering Andrew Wyeth

If you don’t back up your dreams with truth, you have a very round-shouldered art.

—Andrew Wyeth

(I’m hesitant to be throwing quotes around like an irritated monkey and his poop, but since I don’t quote people that often, I hope this doesn’t seem too cheesy.)

About a month ago I began trying to get my drawing skills back into shape in earnest. It’s really been about seven years since I’ve been able to focus on making artwork at all, and it’s been frustrating trying to get back into proverbial shape. It’s primarily been the passage of time from when I was young and full of youthful ambition to the cranky, old man that I am currently. I feel like it’s been seven years of wasted opportunity.

Drawing From Life Again

Nothing special and by no means “good”, but back to working from life. Drawing elipses right now is killing me.

Magazine Drawings: Last Day

This is definitely the last day I spend drawing from magazines. My sketchbook is taking on the distinct feeling of a high school art exhibition.

June Seventh, More Excercises

Lazy Dog Dangling Saturday Drawing

More Magazine Drawings

Magazine Drawings

Doing some drawings from magazine photos today.

Another Round of Ingres Copies

Ingres Portrait Drawing Copies

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