Blog Archives for July 2010


I’m still having a bit of trouble properly sighting the curves of ellipses.

Sustained Studies

Moving sustained drawings to be a larger part of my routine.

Saturday Afternoon Studies

Still drawing controllers; slowly working my way towards more sustained drawings, but I’d like to firm everything else up a bit more.

Self-Indulgent Photo Grab Bag

Some old issues from a previous life came up today, and by the time I was able to actually get back to my own work, I just felt too drained to actually do anything. I spent the rest of the day catching up on other people’s blogs and re-visiting some old photos, remembering the old days in the Ocean State.

Righty, Lefty

Still continuing with drawing the same old, same old. This week, though, I’ve decided that I’ve come to depend strictly on set manners that I always draw with. Both my right eye and hand are extremely dominant, and drawing, maybe, has become too mechanical for my own good. In a minor experiment I’ve taken to drawing with an eyepatch over my right eye and drawing with my left hand for a portion of the day—it’s sort of like being a pirate except really lame.

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